Intego has released two Internet security packs for Macs.

The packs are designed to offer dual protection, both for Mac OS X and for any Windows systems a user may have installed on that Mac.

When Windows is run in Apple’s Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop or VMWare’s Fusion, it requires Windows-specific protection. Intego's Dual Protection product line provides security for both Mac OS X and Windows, ensuring that Mac users running Windows will have total protection for both operating systems.

Intego has joined forces with BitDefender to offer the protective package, which consists of:

- Intego VirusBarrier X4 DP protects both Mac OS X and Windows from all known viruses. This package includes BitDefender Antivirus v10
- Intego Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition DP

“Mac users are excited about running Windows, and today’s Macs make this easy,” said Laurent Marteau, CEO of Intego. “Our objective is to meet their needs with the first multi-platform security software packs that protect both Mac OS X and Windows, at an affordable price."

Intego Internet Security Barrier X4 Antispam Edition DP contains:
- Intego NetBarrier X4
- Intego VirusBarrier X4
- Intego Personal Antispam X4

BitDefender Internet Security v10 includes:
- BitDefender Antivirus
- BitDefender Firewall
- BitDefender Antispam