Quark has issued its first maintenance update to QuarkXPress 7, fulfilling its promise to offer regular maintenance releases to its customers.

According to the company, QuarkXPress 7.1 “answers customers’ needs with performance enhancements, making the design software more responsive”. The update is specific to Intel-powered Macs and offers further optimisation for the Intel platform, according to the company.

Improvements have also been made to text selection, clipped images, and flattening features. Performance times have also been boosted, claims the company.

Quark also announced that it has seen more than 50,000 of its larger customers upgrade to QuarkXPress 7. “That’s a very big milestone for us in terms of Quark adoption,” said Quark's senior vice president of desktop products, Jurgen Kurz.

“Now that so many of our larger customers have upgraded is that we will be very committed to maintenance releases, so that when we are made aware of customer defects we have a response to them,” Kurz added.

The next maintenance release will come in April.