Ovolab has announced Geophoto, a new product that lets you browse and share digital images and other information.

Ovolab Geophoto displays pictures on the Earth, in the location where the photo was taken. The user can rotate, zoom and fly through the photos, on top of a photorealistic three-dimensional Earth.

Users can drag images to a specific location on the globe in order to "geotag" it, (add location information to the image file).

The software lets users look at an image in the context it was taken in, and in comparison with images taken at locations nearby. The theory is that this contextualisation of images means pictures can transmit more information.

The software integrates with iPhoto, and users can browse photos on Flickr, which already hosts a collection of geotagged images.

An internet connection isn't necessary for placing photos on the Earth or for browsing the iPhoto library: Geophoto has high-resolution satellite imagery inside, and can work with local image files.

More than images, the application lets users can place other data — such as contacts or web links on the globe.

Geophoto automatically reads the geographical information stored inside digital photos by GPS-equipped cameras.

The software ships in the second half of February 2007 as an electronic download, but is available immediately for preorder at the introductory price of $39.95 (suggested retail price after its release: $49.95).