Prosoft Engineering is introducing two new products at Macworld Expo, including new iPod utility, Jax, and Data Backup 3.


Jax is an iPod utility which lets users introduce all manner of different content to their media player. This support includes allowing users to directly download movies from YouTube and Google Video to their iPod. These also include tools for managing lyrics, visualisers, album art, travel instructions and more.

Jax has over a dozen features built in and users can add others as they are developed. It ships next month.

The software also makes it easy for users to save and download news and weather reports to their iPod — both as text and as spoken-word recordings in MP3 format.

The software is upgradeable. Each feature of Jax is provided by a module. "Dozens more are on the way and most will be available as free downloads right from our website," the company said.

Data Backup 3

Shipping in February, Data Backup 3 is being demonstrated at Macworld Expo. It's an approachable backup system that's designed with ease of use in mind, but still enables more advanced features for users with complex needs.

The utility allows users to back up, restore and synchronise their data with minimal effort. This version has a new user interface and supports backup to CDs and DVDs, automatically spanning on multiple disks.

Built-in backup sets will quickly archive iTunes or iPhoto files, other important data or your entire system. The software will also automatically wake your system up from sleep to back up, and can switch it off automatically once backup is complete.