FM::Nexus delivered two key announcements for FileMaker developers this morning at Macworld Expo: InspectorLite and Dragon Web Surveys.

Available now free of charge, InspectorLite is a solution examination tool for FileMaker developers.

Vincenzo Menanno, founder and president of FM::Nexus explains: "InspectorLite helps developers quickly zero-in on part of their solution, for example, by quickly searching for, and immediately hot linking to, just about any element or calculation."

The software offers a user-friendly interface and browser-style navigation to let developers examine the solutions they have built using FileMaker in order to ensure consistent behaviour.

InspectorLite was initially created exclusively for FileMaker DevCon 2006 attendees, but they liked it so much FileMaker asked the company to put its software on general release.

The company is also accepting beta testers for Dragon Web Surveys and the FM::Nexus Web Services plug-in.

Dragon Web Surveys helps web developers build flexible surveys into their websites, making extensive use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

The FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-in allows FileMaker solutions developers to quickly implement standards-based interoperability with web services.

The Web Services Plug-in reads WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and exposes the functions available from these published APIs, allowing FileMaker developers to integrate these functions within their solutions. The FM::Nexus WebServices plug-in can also be used in conjunction with the new Web Viewer capability in FileMaker 8.5.