JPY has released a powerful email-management system, dubbed MRX.

The solution – in development for three years – was entirely developed on a Mac, and is designed to run quite happily on a Mac mini. Despite this flexibility, it's an enterprise, not consumer, product. Prices start at £5,000.

Unlike most email-management systems, MRX can be used with existing email servers and clients. The business address book is used for all business emails and anything, to or from those addresses, is kept in the MRX database, which is searchable.

The software features include:
- Find business email, no matter who sent it or received it;
- Keep all business contacts in a central address book;
- Help to keep within laws demanding data retention;
- Enable users to send personal emails which are not recorded on the company database;
- Create professional and personalised HTML mailouts.

MRX enables users to track email in a number of ways. For example, if a client has sent email to the accounts department, sales department, customer service and the shipping department it can be difficult to keep track of the transactions. MRX automatically threads the interactions so that any department can see what communications have preceded their involvement.

The system works with email from wherever the user might be, using any email client, even webmail.

Dr John Yardley, who developed MRX, said “It’s easy to be a slave to email, but MRX puts businesses back in the driving seat. It’s transparent to the users, so doesn’t force them to change the way they work, or the tools that they use. It simply adds powerful collaboration and knowledge-sharing tools."

Prices for the MRX system range from £5,000 for ten users, to £19,950 for 100 users. The price includes one day’s administrator training. Client training isn’t required as the system is so transparent.