The first wave of third-party plug-ins for Aperture debuted today, with Apple's release of the final version of the Aperture Software Development Kit (SDK) required to create image editing plug-ins for the software.

Aperture 2 includes a powerful plug-in architecture for the integration of third-party image editing software. The release of the SDK means professional photographers can enjoy more flexibility than ever in using the software.

Editing plug-ins already available for Aperture 2.1 include the Dfx Digital Filter Suite from the Tiffen Company and Power Stroke, Light!, and Ozone from Digital Film Tools. Plug-ins from several other developers, including Nik Software (Viveza), dvGarage (dpMatte and HDRtoner), Image Trends (Fisheye-Hemi), and PictureCode (Noise Ninja) are expected soon.

Digital Film Tools explains: "We are excited that Apple invited us to be one of a very select group to participate in their Aperture plug-in product launch."

More information about third-party imaging plug-ins and links for the download of them is available from the Aperture section on the Mac OS X downloads site and at the Aperture Plugged In community website.