Maxon has released a new plug-in for Adobe After Effects CS3 to CS5.5 that allows motion graphics artists to export projects directly into Cinema 4D R13.

Maxon says that this new capability broadens Cinema 4D’s usefulness as a 3D motion graphics toolkit, and that the new plug-in is the perfect companion to the current Cinema 4D project import module for After Effects.

The Cinema 4D export appears directly in the After Effects export menu and generates a .c4d file containing 3D layers, cameras, lights, solids, nulls and footage.

Even nested compositions are supported. All major layer attributes including animations (rotation, position, parameter, anchor points, POI, etc.), expressions, layer parenting, layer locking and layer visibility are retained. Render and document settings in Cinema 4D are adapted accordingly to the After Effects’ project settings.

The new exchange plug-in is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5.