Autodesk Certified Publisher Digital-Tutors has released its Introduction to Modeling in Maya, a new interactive video-based training title for emerging digital artists learning Maya 8.5.

The interactive course offers over five hours of project-based training following a proven approach to learning the processes of modelling using NURBS, Sub-Ds, and Polygons to develop a customisable workflow.

"Far too often, artists do not know and fully understand the scope of tools available in an application such as Maya," said Justin Marshall, modelling curriculum developer at Digital-Tutors. "Our training is developed to teach artists an array of modelling tools and creative techniques so that the artist can completely customise a workflow that would work best for their individual needs using an interactive project."

Highlights include: an overview of modelling tools in Maya, introduction to various types of geometry, surface conversions, proxy modelling, combining geometry, mirroring geometry, and a great deal more.