Media Catalog 3.8.3 is available now, offering many improvements over the previous version of the application.

Mac users with optical media back-up discs full of files use Media Catalog to catalogue those very files. The software is capable of searching and browsing offline media, such as optical disc back-ups, to make it easier for users to locate the file they're searching for.

Beyond simple optical disc back-up, the software can be used to help navigate other forms of digital asset back-up. For example, Media Catalog now offers the option to automatically catalogue and eject volumes, making it ideal for a set-up on an Xserve.

Developer Robert Kuilman has also improved the software's quicksearch, which now behaves more intuitively and is more precise.

With a reduced memory footprint users of large catalogues will enjoy much improved responsiveness from the application, Kuilman promises.

The software costs $24.99.