iNuron has released a free public beta of its McNucle v1.0, software which turns any Mac into a remotely accessible metadata-based file server.

The software extends Apple's own Spotlight technology to provide a metadata browser to store, retrieve and manage your data remotely. 

The McNucle metadata server turns Mac desktops and servers into metadata-based file servers. Users can share, metanize and powersearch your data at any time and from any location.

"In a time where almost anybody is faced with the issue of large data collections, the McNucle facilitates the organization of your data with metadata, which we call metanization," explained iNuron’s managing director Jorre Belpaire.

"Collecting and generating data is easy, but tracking the right picture or document back at the right time, is much harder. The only convenient way is to use metadata and the concept of iNuron’s PowerSearch where the user receives assistance in searching and navigating through his tag cloud."

With iNuron’s McNucle server on a Mac system, users can make any files available both within their home network and to the outside world using the internet.