The other day I detailed how I recovered my Office 2011 apps after installing Microsoft's ill-conceived Office 2011 SP2 update. A few days later, Microsoft pulled the update. Now Microsoft has released an update to that update in the form of the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.2.1 update.

I have yet to install the new update, but according to my collegues at Macworld US, the update addresses the issue with Outlook database corruption. It also notes that Office's Scripts folder has been moved, which causes SpamSieve to no longer do its job, as was noted by Macworld US.

If you've already installed the original SP2 update, Microsoft suggests that you also install this 110MB update. Macworld's Christopher Breen has done so with my previously updated copy of Microsoft Office 2011 and the installation went without a hitch. I'll keep you informed as to how my unpate goes. 

Breen has also installed the update on another Mac, which hadn't been previously updated. He said: "Upon launching this Mac's copy of Outlook I was told that I must upgrade its database. This I allowed and waited around 35 minutes while that happened. Once the job was complete, Outlook fully launched and I was able to use the application as normal." 

Fingers crossed then.