Microsoft has confirmed plans to release the latest betas of its Remote Desktop Connection client for Macs and its file format converters.

The new (beta) software packages will be released during the week of 30 July, the company confirmed through its Mac Business Unit MacMojo blog.

The file format converters will include "significant" improvements in the software's ability to convert Word files and will introduce PowerPoint support for the first time.

These converters are required following the introduction of Office 2007 for Windows. The suite uses a new file format that is not compatible with current versions of Office for the Mac. The conversion software turns Microsoft's new format .docx files into .rtf files, readable on a Mac.

The Remote Desktop Client is software that lets Mac users remotely access and use a Windows PC. The software has become a popular solution for Mac users who need to make occasional use of Windows applications for which they maintain a PC. It allows Mac users to access the Windows machine remotely over their existing network.