Microspot has introduced Interiors Professional, the latest version of its popular 3D design product now equipped with high quality raytrace rendering and built in modeling. Macworld awarded the product a Best of Show award at the recent MacLive Expo.

Microspot interiors is a 3D design application that allows you to quickly visualize interiors and create animations which can be recorded as movies and viewed by anyone with QuickTime.

The application makes it simple to draw walls and then add furniture and accessories from the library of over 1,500 items or import 3DS or Google Sketch Up files.

Interiors Professional’s new renderer helps create more realistic designs and animations with reflections and shadows. Four rendering options are available: the interactive renderer for initial layout and design; the preview renderer for checking ligh and shadow; the variable resolution Microspot renderer and the new raytrace renderer for the best possible results.

The professional version has 14 modeling tools and four extra palettes. Modeling tools include six primitive shapes, cube, sphere, cone, pyramid, cylinder and regular polygon and four more complex tools for pipes, torroids, lathed shapes and irregular polygons.

Additional tools include a 3D text tool and an edit path tool which enables coils and threads to be modeled. The four extra palettes include a section palette for adjusting the section of lathed objects, polygons and many more, and a construct palette to control Boolean operations.

Microspot Interiors Professional costs £149. Registered users of Interiors may upgrade for £69. Registered users of both Interiors and Modeler can upgrade for £29.