Miglia Technology has announced its dedicated Mac OS X software for the Sony LocationFree Base Station.

LocationFree (OS X) enables users to stream wirelessly a TV or Video signal from their front room using the broadband hub to their Mac Desktop — wherever they are.

It lets you watch what's on telly in your front room wirelessly while you are in your back garden — and also lets users watch TV on their Mac in their hotel room.

The TV signal from your cable box, satellite receiver or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) at home is streamed to your hub, sent over the internet and re-directed to your Mac, no matter where you may be as long as your Mac has access to a broadband connection.

Users can watch live TV wirelessly on their Mac, play recorded programmes and even set up future recordings from the Mac desktop anywhere. The Sony LocationFree Player supports up to four externally connected devices like a DVD player/recorder or satellite receiver.

Users can control their home television by changing channels, viewing recorded material or scheduling future recording where ever you may be.

The system requires the Sony LocationFree Player and broadband internet access. System requirements include Mac OS X 10.4, QuickTime 6.4 or later, 512MB RAM or greater and an 867MHz or higher G4 or later Mac.