ConceptDraw MindMap 5 for Mac will ship at the end of August, software developer CS Odessa has confirmed.

MindMap is a tool for organizing ideas and projects. It offers business and individual users a way to build mind maps and develop and collaborate on ideas.

The new version offers a highly intuitive interface, visually enhanced mapping, and integration with Microsoft Office and Project-compatible software applications.

The solution offers a fully featured text outline view that can appear simultaneously with a map. Users can switch between map view and text description at will, with any applied changes or additions appearing within both views.

MindMap 5 includes brainstorming features that allow users to quickly add ideas to mind maps as free-floating topics, and then rearrange them using drag-&-drop. A built-in session timer and newly enhanced feature set allow users to manage brainstorming sessions.

The application also includes support for personal productivity methodologies, including “Getting Things Done” (GTD) by David Allen. Users may add, edit and track task information, priorities, and links in detailed project maps, or build a simple task and priority map to track progress.

The software is compatible with all major Mac OS X project management software titles and MS Office.