Mark/Space has introduced Missing Sync for Palm OS 6.0, the latest edition of the software that connects and synchronizes Palm devices with Mac OS X.

The latest release introduces several new features with a particular focus on the needs of Mac using Treo owners.

"With their flexibility, ease-of-use, available third-party applications and history of Mac support, Palm Treos remain a popular choice amongst those with Macs," said Brian Hall, Mark/Space president and CEO.

"Palm users know they can count on Mark/Space to provide the very best in Mac connectivity and synchronization for their devices. Version 6.0 of The Missing Sync doesn't just introduce new features - it renews and advances Palm support on the Mac," he claimed.

Among other new features, the new Call Log application and Palm conduit for Mac OS X provide access to the Treo's log of phone call information from the Mac.

Users can sort, filter, annotate and search through the list of incoming and outgoing calls and view call dates and durations. The feature integrates with Address Book and can export information to database applications.

A new SMS Log application and Palm conduit for Mac OS X provide similar access to the Treo's log of sent and received SMS text messages. Messages are grouped by contact and can be searched using Spotlight. The SMS Log also integrates with Apple's Address Book app to match information on known contacts.

A new QuickTime-wielding video plug-in imports movies taken with a Treo smartphone either directly into a selected album in iPhoto or into a defined folder on the Mac's hard drive. The plug-in also lets users encode video for playback on the Treo.

The application also includes Mark/Space Notebook, which replaces the older MemoPad application that came with previous versions.

The Missing Sync for Palm OS 6.0 is available now and costs $39.95.