Nova Media has introduced launch2net1.6.17, the latest version of its software that turns a mobile device into a wireless internet connection tool for Macs.

The new version offers support for ten additional mobile phones. The software works with most mobile handsets and integrates codes for the different mobile networks and countries a Mac user may travel through.

The suite supports most mobile devices available, like ExpressCard and wireless USB-modems, PC datacards and mobile phones.

"Imagine you are heading to China and want to use a pre-paid SIM card to avoid roaming costs," explains Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson for Nova Media.

"I assume it will be difficult to get the connection settings from their network support team, especially if you are using a Mac. With launch2net, all settings are already included and it is a snap to connect."

Since most mobile data users need to track the data volume transferred or the time spent online to keep control of the online costs, the software monitor these details.

Launch2net costs €75 (excluding VAT) and is available now.