Month Bundle is offering ten Mac applications for $39, around £25.

The deal, which runs from September 16 to 30, 2010, offers a package of software titles said to have total value of $261.78.

According to Month Bundle, readers cast votes and choose most favourite applications to be included in the bundle each month.

For September, the following applications are included in the Mac bundle, followed by the manufacturers description:

Developers and designers will find this app useful as it saves the codes that are created and reuse them for the next project. It will put repetitive work into storage so you do not waste your time writing them all over again.

Yummy FTP:
Be amazed at the speed and efficiency of file transfers by using this FTP and SFTP client application. It provides a powerful, flexible and reliable interface to facilitate transfers from one server to another.

Sync Mate:
This synchronisation tool will let users sync their Mac with their other mobile devices such as phones, other Mac computers, PCs, laptops, online accounts, and flash drives, to name a few. It is the universal sync app: one click and it is perfectly in sync.

Relationship 2:
Businessmen and managers will now be in total control with this project management tool. It is packed with the most innovative solutions that integrate emails, contacts, calendar, notes and documents in one interface so that all you need to manage a project are in one application.

Size Up:
This application enables the user to configure the screen to different views such as splitscreen and quadrant, and break away from the usual full screen. This is very useful for individuals who love multitasking as it promotes better window management.

Button Design:
Website creators can optimize this application by using its wide array of website button templates and instantly update their template and styles.

Funtastic Photos:
Put the fun in your photos by using this application to edit, print and share your photos. It is absolutely easy to use with the 1-Click styles, over 40 effects and other simple yet innovative solutions, you will be able to let your photos emanate fun in them!

This is Mac's ultimate desktop organiser that lets users control their desktop and put order in their daily activities. All your programs, documents, web pages and other frequently accessed applications will be kept in one space and ready to be launched.

MPEG2 Works 4:
For more efficient and faster video conversion and encoding, this application is the fruit of many years of video manipulation evolution. The redesigned interface makes it more user friendly, perfect for beginners yet still packed with optimised functions that are highly useful for professionals.

Clean Text:
This is the tool proofreaders and editors will be happy to have. It eliminates all possible text formatting issues such as unwanted space, returns, tabs and even typographical errors. This will enable faster editing and lets people focus more on the content while proofreading.

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