Apple has issued developers with an update to Mountain Lion, suggesting that the company is getting closer to gold master status.

Mountain Lion is expected to launch in July, with the latest estimation being 19 July, according to T-Gaap, who claim to have been given the date by a 'source'. Their report suggests that the date is likely based on the launch date of Lion being almost exactly one year prior. 

Developer Preview 4 is a 1.08GB download via the Mac App Store. The last update was in May.

The company is also said to be about to launch an update for Lion (OS X 10.7.5) that will ensure a smooth transition to the new launch.

During Apple’s WWDC Keynote presentation on Monday 11 June Apple revealed that Mountain Lion would cost £13.99 when it ships in July. In addition to details of features unveiled last year, Apple revealed a number of new features including Documents in the Cloud, Notification Centre including Do Not Disturb, Dictation, integration with Facebook, iCloud Tabs in Safari, Power Nap, AirPlay Monitoring, Game Center, and more. Read more about Mountain Lion here. We also have this Macworld Feature on Mountain Lion