With OS X Mountain Lion expected to launch tomorrow, the Up-to-Date program went live for a short while yesterday. The program will allow Mac users who have bought a new computer after 11 June to upgrade to Mountain Lion for free.

The form was quickly removed as Mountain Lion isn't available just yet, but it's safe to say that it will be very soon.

However, before the it was taken down, someone at MacRumors managed to fill out the form and even receive a redemption code for their copy of Mountain Lion. To claim for the code users need to enter their full name and email address as well as where they bought their qualifying Mac. The customer will then receive a claim reference number before the redemption code is delivered via email in a password-protected PDF attachment. The password for the file arrives in a second email.

Attempting to claim a free copy of Mountain Lion won't work yet, with or without a redemption code but Apple promised that Mountain Lion would be here in July and most are expecting it to be out tomorrow


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