iMovie '08 has been completely revised - it's an all-new application.

The development team aimed to transform the popular consumer desktop video-editing application into a solution that can be used to craft a video in half an hour.

In one significant improvement, iMovie '08 tracks all the video you've ever shot within one library. This means you can scroll through these assets in the same way as you might explore your iPhoto library.

The application also lets you scrub through video in real-time without needing to play it. This means you can swiftly find the clip you want to use in a film project.

Adding text has been vastly improved, and music, sound effects, images and transitions are quick and easy to drop into a project. The software also offers many special effects.

Sharing video has also been simplified. The 'Share' menu now permits a user to make a version for iTunes, iPod, Apple TV, iPhone, a computer or for .Mac, as well as burning creations to DVD.

Users can also send films directly into YouTube from within iMovie '08, and can encode projects into multiple resolutions at one time.

The application offers wide support for video formats, including for High-Definition (HD) format AVHCD.

iDVD also gets a boost. The application has been enhanced with better performance, professional-grade encoding and 10 new animated themes.

iLife ’08 costs £55. The suite of applications will be included with all new Macs beginning today. .Mac is available as a subscription-based service for £69 (including VAT) per year for individuals and £120 (including VAT) for a Family Pack which includes one master account and four sub accounts.