Mozilla has introduced its new Firefox Add-ons website.

The site offers Firefox users a one-stop-shop for finding and installing thousands of free extensions and themes. Over seven million Firefox users currently have add-ons installed on their browser, Mozilla confirmed.

Improvements in the Add-ons website include the addition of user reviews and ratings for add-ons; improved search tools; wider support for non-English languages; tools and support resources for developers and a new level of testing for add-ons that ensures even higher quality and functionality for users.

For developers, Mozilla has extended the Firefox Add-ons website to include detailed information about creating, supporting and distributing add-ons to Firefox users, and has ramped-up its testing and feedback systems. 

“This new website helps to encourage and manage the development of more great add-ons for Firefox, and enables users to customise their browsing experience to make Firefox their own,” says Mike Shaver, director, ecosystem development.

“The skills and knowledge of the Mozilla developer community will now be applied to the development, testing and support of add-ons. That means better add-ons for users, and more ways for businesses and organisations to integrate their services into Firefox.”