ScreenTime Media has released new software designed to enable Flash developers create widgets and desktop internet applications for Mac OS X, mProjector 3.

mProjector 3 helps developers use Adobe Flash to create "organically shaped standalone widgets and applications for Mac OS X and Windows", the company explains.

Its features include alpha channel window drawing, web content embedding, seven new ActionScript classes and over 100 cross platform functions built into the Flash development environment.

The mProjector widget creator application uses XML-based cross-platform project files, Flash-shaped windows, custom menus with keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, internet connectivity, local file management and more.

Added capabilities in this release include synchronous window-to-window communication from ActionScript, custom document handling, comprehensive menu support, and vastly improved language, HTTP and XML support.

mProjector supports both Windows and Mac OS. A demo download, sample code and documentation are available.

Upgrades to registered users of mProjector are free, otherwise the application costs $199 for one operating system and $299 to build for Mac and Windows.