Mireth Technology has released a new version of its music ripping, conversion and playback software, Music Man.

Music Man 2 offers an easier-to-use, tabbed interface with drag-and-drop zones for playback, conversion, burning and writing music to flash memory cards. It also provides direct links to US DRM-free music stores as well as adding support for conversion to bookmarkable AAC and conversion from MIDI music formats.

"We agree with Steve Jobs' thoughts on music," said Donna Johnson, president. "Music Man respects iTunes DRM protected music and will play it, but will not convert it to an unprotected format. Music Man also supports music in open formats such as Audio CD and Ogg."

The software will rip, convert, burn and play MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AIF, audio CD, MIDI and Ogg Vorbis on Mac OS X. It's also capable of ripping, converting and burning music to audio CD, MP3 CD, DVD and USB Flash drives.

The software costs $19.95 and is available now.