AssistiveWare has introduced new versions of its powerful collection of accessibility products for the Mac, KeyStrokes 4, SwitchXS 2.5 and LayoutKitchen 2.

KeyStrokes 4 is the latest version of the on-screen keyboard with multilingual word prediction. It introduced a new feature called LayoutKitchen, which allows users to design their own virtual keyboards. Such keyboards can be used not only for typing, but also to launch applications, speak, run AppleScripts and more.

The company says the improved product makes KeyStrokes more than ever the hub that gives users who cannot use a physical keyboard or who prefer a graphics tablet or touch screen full access to their computer.

KeyStrokes 4 also adds Spanish and Russian word prediction dictionaries, runs on Mac OS X 10.3 and later and costs €249 (excluding VAT).

Now updated as a Universal Binary application that runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC Macs, SwitchXS 2.5 offers universal access to Mac OS X for users who cannot use a physical keyboard and mouse. It also offers Layout Kitchen and also costs €249 (excluding VAT).

LayoutKitchen 2 makes designing on-screen keyboards for KeyStrokes and scan panels for SwitchXS easier and faster with a new drag-&-drop button browser, SmartSnap and many other productivity enhancing features. The image browser is now searchable and includes over 600 images.

KeyStrokes 4.0 and LayoutKitchen 2.0 are the last versions supporting Mac OS X 10.3. Universal binary versions requiring at least Mac OS X 10.4 are currently in beta and will be released as free updates shortly.