Elgato introduced EyeTV 3 at Macworld Expo, San Francisco, the latest version of its TV on a Mac software solution.

The new version offers up some hefty improvements: a completely redesigned user interface and a new network sharing feature that allows Mac users to share recordings with others on their LAN in the same way as iTunes allows such sharing of content.

The extended program guide now provides intelligent searching and recording functionality through a Leopard-like user interface. The sidebar on the left presents all functions and elements in hierarchical order. Recordings can be viewed in list view or in Cover Flow mode while the player window now integrates a timeline display with basic playback controls.

The semi-transparent On-Screen Menu has been redesigned, inspired by user interfaces from modern set-top boxes, a move which makes it easier to control EyeTV using a remote control.

Criteria for refined EPG searches. Searches can be saved as Smart Guides. These show up in the sidebar and update on-the-fly. Search results can optionally be recorded automatically. Users can also specify how many of these recordings they want to keep in their EyeTV Archives.

WiFi Access, which enables watching recorded TV shows via wireless network on iPhone or iPod Touch, now supports additional smart-phones from several vendors. It also offers the option of lower resolution for lower-bandwidth video connections. Password protection has been introduced.

The results of channel scans can now be saved and restored, ideal for users who frequently travel between multiple locations. AppleScript support has been substantially improved, adding an integrated script menu and more robust script support.

EyeTV 3 costs £59.95, owners of EyeTV 2 can obtain the upgrade at a reduced price of £29.95. Elgato is lowering the price of the multiple award-winning EyeTV for DTT USB 2.0 stick to £39.95.