Extensis has introduced Universal Type Server, a server-based font management solution for both Mac and Windows environments. 

Three editions of the solution are available: Universal Type Server Lite (ten-users), Professional (up to 250-users) and Corporate (unlimited users) editions. Extensis is showcasing Universal Type Server at its Macworld Expo booth..
Universal Type Server is capable of handling all font-related issues that may arise while working in font-intensive workflow and is designed to be both easy and flexible while remaining robust and sufficiently scalable for demanding environments.

Universal Type Server will support Extensis’ patented Font Sense technology offering users the ability to automatically activate the exact versions of fonts used in a document when that document is opened. Unlike basic auto-activation, Font Sense allows for a deep level of font analysis instead of simply selecting and activating the first font with the same PostScript or font menu name. Font Sense avoids silent font substitution, incorrect glyphs, text re-flows, and layout issues, resulting in greater efficiency and automated workflows.

Additional features include:

- Simple server and user administration via web-based applications
- Stable and fast Java-based server with a secure SQL backend
- Active Directory integration
- Support for both Mac and Windows clients independently or simultaneously
- Support for mobile users: administrators can work from anywhere; users can go ‘offline’ and still access the fonts they need
- Font license tracking
- Fast type activation
- Fast, customizable previews driven by Apple’s Core animation technology
- Automated organization of font libraries via classification, foundry, file type, custom keywords, etc.
- Elegant, intuitive client interface
- Native support for Intel-based and PPC-based Macs
- Font Sense powered auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator CS3/CS2 and XTensions for QuarkXPress 6.5/7
Extensis has confirmed it is currently beta testing its solutions which it expects to ship in spring this year. Universal Type Server and all clients will be available free-of-charge to existing customers under a current Annual Service Agreement (ASA). Pricing for all versions, including upgrades, will be announced prior to product availability.