GridIron Software has introduced Flow, digital content management software for creatives in graphic design, web, and video.

The software - which gets its first public demonstrations at the Apple event - automatically tracks the design process from idea to end result and manages assets and applications for complex workflows.

Flow uses a sophisticated system to automatically track workflows by recording all Import/Export, Save/Save As, and Copy/Paste actions in a project. It understands the file formats for virtually all creative professional applications, including those from Apple and Adobe, and maintains the relationships between stills, movies, sound clips, fonts, plug-ins, and colour swatches on all local, network, and removable storage devices.

“Creative Professionals now have an easy way to visualize their design process and share their projects with a colleague, ship them to a client or archive them for safe keeping,” said Steve Forde, CEO of GridIron Software.

Flow automatically builds Workflow Maps for every project. A Workflow Map shows the files used in the workflow and how they are connected to one another.

Additional features include a Workflow Calendar that displays the time, date, and duration of projects for up to a year; Visual Versions which automatically track versions of media files, including thumbnails and metadata, as a project evolves allowing users to revert to a previous version of a file anywhere in their workflow; and Tags and Annotations, which provide tags and sticky-note style annotations to assets or projects and support custom tags and metadata standards. GridIron also offers a Flow SDK for the development of plug-ins.

Flow ships this summer for Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard and for Windows XP and Vista.