Nolobe's Interarchy 9 is available now, a major update to the file transfer application for Mac OS X.

The developers claim Interarchy 9 introduces over one hundred new and improved features, including a brand new protocol built upon SSH, numerous enhancements to the product's interface, and more.

The use of SSH provides a number of is faster and more flexible than FTP and SFTP, the Australian developers note: "Interarchy's SSH protocol offers significant speed improvements especially when mirroring. We are talking seconds versus minutes for large websites. This is a big deal." observed Matthew Drayton, founder and CEO of Nolobe. "Better yet, SSH puts us in the driving seat. No longer will we be shackled by the limitations of SFTP or FTP."

Nolobe will be demonstrating Interarchy, as well as its new image editor Iris, next week at the Macworld Conference and Expo 2008 in San Francisco.

Until February 2008 Interarchy 9 is available at an introductory price of $39, with a suggested retail price of $59 from 1 March. A free upgrade is offered to all users who purchased Interarchy on or after 1 February, 2007 and will be notified automatically via email.