Ovolab has introduced Phlink 4, a major upgrade to its telephony solution for the Mac.

Phlink 4 is a solution that lets home and business users deploy their Mac as a call management solution, among other features it can be set up to greet callers with personalised messages, to support custom ringtones, and for sending voice messages by email.

The software supports multiple voice mailboxes, call recording, phone trees, fax detection and Dashboard and Spotlight compatibility.

The new version introduces call screening and an improved implementation of Caller ID. It also offers tighter Mac OS X integration, allowing users to see the iChat buddy status for callers within their call log and to be able to see call notifications over the network, even when the software is not running.

Phlink 4.0 costs $149.95 plus shipping, upgrades from version 3 cost $39.95.