Pleasant Software has updated two of its podcaster-focused products, introducing Ubercaster 1.5 and ShowMacster 1.9 at Macworld Expo.

The company's complete production suite for podcasting on the Mac, Ubercaster 1.5 ($79.95) delivers a few new features, including an on-screen show notes guide (Autopilot) designed to help podcasters stay on topic.

The software also offers Offline Effects, taken from included AudioUnits these include a batch of effects that can only be applied when offline, such as reverse or normalise.

Additional features include: Auto Chapter (clip panels are able to automatically create chapter markers during recording), One Shot (avoid accidential playing of an already played clip), Loops enhancements, saving and loading of effect presets (the presets are compatible with other CoreAudio applications like GarageBand) and amore.

ShowMacster is an extension to Apple's iChat which enables users to stream pictures, movies and live screen captures during a video conference. ShowMacster runs on Mac OS 10.3.9 and newer.

The latest version of the $19.95 application is Leopard-compatioble, offers new drawing and text tools and is capable of sending audio directly into iChat. A free demo version is available online.