The giant US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) event is hosting the launch of new software designed to facilitate the exchange of huge files using the internet, FileCatalyst 2.0.

FileCatalyst 2.0 is designed for creative users, such as video editors, who need to regularly exchange large files. The solution supports both large point-to-point or multi-cast file transfers.

The developer – Unlimi-Tech Software – claims its software can accelerate data transfer speeds up to 50 times in comparison to file exchanges made using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). The company even promises that the software will provide effective throughput two or three times greater than line speed.

The software exploits patent-pending file exchange acceleration technology and uses software automation to overcome the file transfer inefficiencies associated with packet loss and latency.

Users can push and pull both files and entire directories, and benefit from the software's built-in support for SSL and AES security features. The platform-agnostic solution also offers authentication and automatic port activation.