Telestream made a range of Mac-focused announcements at NAB this week, offering new high-end features, distribution arrangements and additional support to its range of media transcoders.

The company is perhaps best known for its Flip4Mac software, which allows Mac users to playback most unrestricted (DRM-free) Windows Media content through the existing QuickTime player.


NAB saw Telestream introduce a new version of its Episode Engine – part of its Episode series of media encopding solutions for the fairer platform, a release it claims brings "unparalleled encoding performance to the Mac masses."

Episode's unique distributed encoding technology enables faster-than-real-time encoding to all supported media formats as a standard feature. It's able to exploit all the cores of existing Mac processors in order to deliver fast results.

A key feature is the software's direct integration with Final Cut Studio, which provides access to Episode's extensive array of video and audio file formats directly from within the Final Cut timeline.

"We are fully committed to Apple's evolving hardware and software workflows to provide the ultimate encoding experience for any Mac user," said Dan Castles, CEO of Telestream.

Episode Series media encoding applications scale from the individual desktop user to high-volume clustered network environments and support an extensive range of standard definition and high definition file formats, optimized codecs, multi-thread processing, hundreds of filters and fine-tuning compression capabilities.

The company also confirmed plans to provide broader QuickTime support for decoding of more formats through QuickTime plug-ins and the addition of Dashboard widgets to Episode products.

Image servers

Telestream also used its NAB showcase to announced the expansion of its Flip4Mac professional MXF product range to include support for 360 Systems' Image Servers, offering file compatibility and direct file transfer between Apple's Final Cut Pro editing system and 360 Systems' video servers.

The Flip4Mac Image Server Component imports MPEG-2 IMX 30/40/50 standard definition video, uncompressed audio and metadata from the Image Server directly into the Final Cut Pro project bin for editing, then exports the MPEG project from Final Cut Pro for seamless file transfer back to the Image Server.

Available in both NTSC and PAL formats, 360 Systems' Image Servers offers broadcast quality and reliability at a reasonable price using MPEG-2 as the primary file format.

UK and Ireland distribution

The company also announced its new exclusive distribution deal with for distributing its Flip4Mac Desktop Media Tools for the Mac products in the UK and in Ireland. It's an exclusive distribution arrangement.

"As the Flip4Mac product family continues to grow, we are now serving more and more customers in this region. The addition of Digi-Box as our master distribution partner in the United Kingdom and Ireland will help us build on our current success and provide local sales and support services to Mac users in this region," said Barbara DeHart, vice president of Telestream Flip4Mac.

The company also unveiled its all-new Pipeline network encoder software at NAB.