A pair of network Mac management utilities have appeared from separate developers within the last 24-hours: Desktop Transporter and Team Viewer.

Both offer slightly different features, and in the case of Team Viewer, it's the first time that a remote access and collaboration solution has ever been made available for the Mac.


A full working beta version of the TeamViewer desktop sharing software is available now. It offers cross-platform support (Mac to PC and vice-versa) for even more effective cross-platform collaboration.

TeamViewer enables Mac users to remotely access other computers via the internet, even through firewalls. Mac OS X 10.4 is required, and because the application supports both Mac and Windows machines, users can remotely control computers on/from either platform.

It works like this: following the establishment of a connection to the remote computer by means of a Partner ID, changes and maintenance work can be carried out or applications installed and executed.

The TeamViewer for Mac beta isn't yet equipped with the function for transferring files between computers, and the capacity to take control of a Windows computer (from a Mac) without installing software on the remote machine hasn't yet been implemented. Both features will be available in the final version, which the developers hope to ship in April.

The software is being made available free for private and non-commercial use.

Desktop Transporter

DEVONtechnologies' Desktop Transporter 2.6 gives those who manage multiple Macs across a network more power with its new live preview technology. It shows constantly updated thumbnails of all shared desktops on the local network so that the user always gets a perfect overview of what's going on.

Desktop Transporter 2.6 uses server-side scaling and clipping for reducing network load and for increasing responsiveness. Keychain support makes it unnecessary to remember all the passwords for the shared machines. The software lets users access and use networked Macs as if they were a local machine.

Desktop Transporter 2.6 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 later and is available as a free four-week trial download from the company, after the trial period registration costs $29.95.