Rumours that the new iPad runs at a higher temperature than the iPad 2 aren't just hot air after all.

Consumer Reports today said that the new iPad can hit temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit when performing tasks that tax the device's processor, such as graphics-intensive games. Consumer Reports said that the new iPad only hit 116 degrees after playing the game "Infinity Blade II" for 45 minutes and then being plugged into an adapter. Prior to being plugged in, the device ran at a temperature of 113 degrees.

All the same, Consumer Reports said that the new iPad was significantly hotter than the iPad 2 when tested under the same conditions. So when the iPad 2 had played "Infinity Blade II" for 45 minutes and was then plugged into an adapter, its temperature hit 104 degrees. When unplugged, the device reached 100 degrees. Consumer Reports measured temperatures of the devices using thermal imaging cameras.

Consumer Reports Senior Editor Donna Tapellini said that while the new iPad felt much warmer when she touched it, it didn't seem to be dangerously hot.

"When it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period," she wrote, also noting that Apple recommends that users not run the new iPad in environments where temperatures are 95 degrees of higher.

The fact that the new iPad runs at a higher temperature than previous models is hardly surprising since the new device comes with a dual-core CPU, a quad-core GPU and an LTE chipset while maintaining roughly the same size and battery life as previous models. Nevertheless, some new iPad users have voiced their concerns about the device's temperature to websites such as the Boy Genius Report. The device has also come under criticism from teardown specialists iFixit for being easily breakable and difficult to repair.