There were 397 people in the queue outside London's Regent Street Apple Store at 8am this morning to buy a new iPad, down on the 632 who were waiting outside for last year's iPad 2 launch, according to our friends over at Dynamo PR & Comms.

This could, in part, be due to the timing - whereas the new iPad went on sale at 8am today, the iPad 2 went on sale at 5pm on 25 March 2011.

Dynamo has dug out a few more stats about this year's queue - for example, the beard quotient is higher, with 33 percent of people in the queue sporting facial fuzz - presumably they've not been shaving for a few days as they've been too busy queueing. This compares to 28 percent last year and just 15 percent for the original iPad launch.

There are evidently a few jokers in the queue too - two percent answered "adult services" when asked what they'd be using the new iPad for. Though Dynamo did clarify that there was "no statistically signifcant correlaton between beards and porn".

Thirty-one percent of people in the queue were going to buy the most expensive model - the 64GB Wi-Fi + 4G iPad - though a third of those in the queue expressed disappointment that they couldn't yet access 4G services in the UK.

A surprisingly high 45 percent had never owned a tablet before. Thirty-seven percent of those in the queue owned a Mac, though 63 percent only used Windows.

Only 12 percent of the queue was female, the stats show, around the same proportion as last year, though the average age of people in the queue was slightly older, at 26 years and two months, compated to 24 years 10 months for the iPad 2.

Stay with us as we'll be bringing you more news and views from the queues outside UK Apple Stores throughout the day.

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