Legendary band Nine Inch Nails has released the multitrack sessions for its latest single 'Survivalism' as editable GarageBand files.

The single is the first release from the act's latest album Year Zero. The files are available now for free download.

Remixers and fans are invited to rework the track in any way they choose, according to the band's website.

Nine Inch Nails confirmed the band plans to release every track from its current album in GarageBand format for remixing, and will launch a section on the band's website "soon" to which remixers can post their versions of the songs.

The band released the single 'Only' in GarageBand format in June 2005, following its earlier release of 'The Hand That Feeds'.

At that time the band's singer Trent Reznor called the project "a resounding success," adding, “I’ve enjoyed and cringed at what you’ve done with my song. Thank you (I think).”