Many of us have heard of Normski the TV presenter, but how many of us know he's also an accomplished streetstyle photographer.

Classic Material have organised an exhibition featuring some of Normskis classic photography from the 80's and 90s at The CAMP, starting on Saturday the 17th of December 7:00pm.

Throughout his career, Normski has been documenting the rise of hip hop culture in the UK through photography. As a key figure on the UK's early hip hop scene, Normski enjoyed unparalled access to rising stars of the home grown scene and touring acts from the US who appear in his own particular brand of portrait photography. Well known subjects appearing in Normski's work include the likes of Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie and Public Enemy.

There will also be slick hip-hop influenced design work from John Brotherhood of WeLikeOurJob; Mr Krum an artist who has designed record sleeves for the likes of DJ Format, The Simonsound and Soundsci, plus sounds from Music of Substance.

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main image Flava Flav by Normski.