Microsoft's Mac Business Unit has published a new website offering Mac users sneak previews at forthcoming features pegged for inclusion in Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac.

The website offers much information and video of previously known features alongside some hitherto unknown ones, for example the new Elements Gallery, a user interface that gives users quick access to tools and formatting options within Office applications.

Document Elements in Word 2008 simplifies and automates some common document tasks, such as adding a table of contents, bibliographies and headers and footers.

The site also reveals details of the new Publishing Layout View in Word, which helps users build graphics-rich documents, including newsletters. Coupled to this the preview website also looks at some of the new features in the OfficeArt graphics engine and SmartArt graphics provided with Office.

Excel gets a boost with new Chart Building features, based on the OfficeArt graphics engine.

Finally on this initial set of feature previews, Microsoft is demonstrating My Day, a standalone application that provides an at-a-glance view of daily schedule and tasks to help users stay on top of priorities.

"Stay tuned for bi-weekly updates about new additions and improvements to Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac," the company urges potential Office customers.