Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit (Mac BU) today confirmed that Office 2008 for Mac will be made available in the UK by the end of January 2008.

The company also confirmed it will ship around mid-January in the US, timed for the Macworld Expo in San Francisco next January.

Microsoft continues to stress the new release date was driven by the company's commitment to deliver a high-quality version of its productivity suite.

“Our number one priority is to deliver quality software to our customers and partners, and in order to achieve this we are shifting availability of Office 2008 for Mac to mid-January of 2008,” said Mac BU General Manager Craig Eisler.

“We’re successfully driving toward our internal goal to release to manufacturing in December 2007, and believe our customers will be very pleased with the finished product.”

As the Mac BU moves closer to the product launch point it promises to reveal more details about the features within the release.