Microsoft is preparing to submit an iPad version of Office to Apple for inclusion in the App Store.

The Daily's Matt Hickey has apparently had a brief hands-on with the Office for iPad app, which he says is similar to the OneNote app, at least in terms of the UI.

There are also elements of Metro, the tile-like interface used by the Windows Phone platform and will also be present in Windows 8, Hickey said.

It'll let you create and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint files though it isn't yet clear if any other Office applications will be supported when the app launches.

Last November, the same publication first revealed that Microsoft was working on a version of Office for the iPad.

There are other ways of accessing Microsoft Office documents on the iPad such as CloudOn, which is free but requires you to have a Dropbox account, or OnLive Desktop, which our colleagues over at InfoWorld were less than impressed with.