onOne Software has announced a new suite of Photoshop plug-ins and launched a public preview of its new Liquid Resize software.

Liquid Resize is the company's new image resizing and retargeting software. It uses a technique known as "seam carving" to reduce the distortion that typically occurs when manipulating the aspect ratio of an image.

The tool allows users to maintain the original aspect ratio of a digital image when they resize or adjust the composition of their images.

Plug-in Suite 4 for Adobe Photoshop ships in early May and includes six essential software tools: Genuine Fractals 5 Print Pro, PhotoTools 1.0 Professional Edition, PhotoFrame 3.1 Professional Edition, Mask Pro 4.1, PhotoTune 2.2 and FocalPoint 1.0.

The suite works with Photoshop CS2 and CS3 and includes tools to improve workflow and overall image quality.

Genuine Fractals 5 Print Pro can resize digital images over 1,000 per cent with no loss of detail or sharpness. It allows poster-sized prints to be made from almost any image.

PhotoTools 1.0 Professional Edition uses Photoshop Actions to furnish a library of effects created by Kevin Kubota and Jack Davis.

PhotoFrame 3.1 Professional Edition builds border and edge effects with thousands of provided templates, while Mask Pro 4.1 can create high-quality masks and selections even from tough subjects like hair and glass, making it easy to place a subject in a new background.

PhotoTune 2.2 offers good quality colour correction while FocalPoint 1.0 simulates selective focus or tilt-shift lenses.