Online file storage service Box.Net has introduced a new service that lets you access and edit your documents and images from any computer or internet-enabled device, OpenBox.

Explaining the service, the company says on its blog: "Traditionally with desktop software, all of your local applications had access to the same set of files and data on your computer. The web changed this paradigm because each unique application stores information on its own servers. This has been mostly bearable because we’re using just a handful of web applications to manage and manipulate our data online."

Things have changed. More powerful web applications exist, so OpenBox aims to ensure the same images and documents are made available across multiple web applications – Google accounts and Facebook, for example.

The service basically marries the file storage service with key online applications services: users can fax documents from Box.Net to any fax machine, engage in simple image editing, sign documents digitally with EchoSign, edit Word documents and more.

OpenBox offers the facility to work with Autodesk, EchoSign, eFax, Myxer, Picnik, Scribd, Zazzle, Thinkfree and Zoho. The company also intends opening up its developer interface to all developers and services on 5 December.

OpenBox also lets its users collaborate with others on projects using the selected web applications. recently launched its iPhone-friendly iBox service, which lets iPhone users access and edit their stored data – or even stream music they keep stored on