OpenOSX Office 2, a ready-to-use Mac version of the open source GNOME Office suite is available now.

OpenOSX Office 2 comprises a series of office productivity applications all contained in a single, standalone application.

The new version introduces native support for Intel and PowerPC Macs; adds Gnucash for finance management; replaces SodiPodi with the mature Inkscape vector graphics software; adds database support to Gnumeric; includes major new versions of included software; and more.

GNOME is a free desktop environment that ships as standard with many Linux distributions. Mac OS X isn't Linux, so it lacks the support libraries required, to run GNOME Office applications. OpenOSX Office includes Mac OS X versions of these missing support libraries, so the office tools can now work on a Mac.

Open OSX Office 2 offers Print Center support and enables system-wide recognition of many file formats, including Word and Excel documents. This means OpenOSX Office users can edit documents created using Microsoft's office applications.

The distribution includes tools for editing and writing spreadsheets, word processing, vector graphics, flowchart software and personal and small business financial management software. Optionally, popular Linux imaging application The Gimp 2.2.1 may also be included.

OpenOSX Office 2.0 is available now for $40 on CD-ROM (plus shipping), of for $30 by download only.