OpenOSX has released a pair of Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' compatibility updates for its OpenOSX Office 2.0 and OpenOSX Grass Pro products.

The updates address potential issues with Apple's X11 windowing software under Leopard, the applications require that X11 be installed in order to run.

OpenOSX Office 2.0 (£19.30, £14.33 for download-only version) is a solution for using the popular open source “GNOME Office” software suite, which includes Word and Excel compatible utility programs, the Inkscape vector image manipulation application, flowchart and personal finance solutions. Popular open source Photoshop replacement, Gimp 2.2.1 can also be included in the suite.

OpenOSX Grass (£28.96) is based on the proven open source "GRASS" (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) Geographic Information System. This solution includes software to serve up maps online, mapping manipulation software, and supporting applications and user guides.

The free updates are available here.