Newly introduced by Ovolab, Geophoto ($49.95) is an application for browsing, collecting and sharing digital pictures using a 3D model of the planet.

Geophoto displays photos on a three-dimensional representation of Earth, pinned to the location where each photo was taken. Users can pan, zoom and fly through the photos, thanks to high-resolution satellite images, and drag their images to a specific part of the planet in order to 'geotag' them.

Once geotagged, a picture can be shared with other users and will automatically appear in the correct location when opened in Geophoto.

The company says it hopes to open up a new model for browsing image collections, by making it possible for the development of shared image libraries that relate to a place's geography.

The application integrates with iPhoto. It allows users to browse images on Flickr and supports GPS data stored in JPEG files, Camera Raw images and other formats.