SWSoft's Parallels team has released Beta2 of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac Feature Update, beefing-up its Coherence support.

The update will include several exciting new features and enhancements requested by Parallels users and will be made available at no charge to existing Parallels Desktop 3.0 customers.

The Beta also offers improvements to CPU usage, overall performance, and memory management, including support for more than 4GB of memory for multiple virtual machines.

The software also provides major enhancements to the look and feel of Windows programs in Coherence, including support for Exposé and transparent Windows and the capability to handle several overlapping Windows and Mac OS windows when in Coherence mode. Users can also silently boot into Coherence mode.

The software also adds Linux PC and virtual machine migration to your Mac using Transporter.

Other features include:

- Ability to change your Virtual Machine’s disk format using the updated Parallels Image Tool;
- Ability to change Sound Devices while using them;
- Windows iTunes can connect to your iPhone;
- The introduction of a feature which lets users employ their Mac desktop and Documents/Pictures/Music folders as Desktop and My Documents/My Pictures/My Music in Windows;
- Ability to automatically map and access the Shared Folders using Windows drive.