onOne Software has introduced a pair of digital imaging plug-ins, PhotoTools and Photo Tools Professional.

PhotoTools is a Photoshop plug-in that uses Photoshop Actions to serve a wide range of imaging tools including image effects, corrections and production automation.

PhotoTools allows users to preview effects individually or stacked together in a layer-like configuration as well as save presets to be used in the future.

The software's 150 tools are based on the work of photographers Jack Davis and Kevin Kubota. PhotoTools reproduces their Photoshop techniques within a selection of single-click tools.

"I've spent the last 20 years creating and teaching techniques and effects that strengthen, extend and accelerate the digital side of the creative communication process," said Jack Davis. "PhotoTools is the culmination of that time and energy."

PhotoTools and PhotoTools Professional Edition will reproduce camera filters like neutral density, colour correction and polarization as well as darkroom techniques and alternative processes such as solarization, cyanotype and palladium printing. The selection also offers cinematic looks as used by film studios.

Users can control the order in which each effect is applied and how they blend together for a truly unique look. Once a user has created their own signature look, they can use PhotoTools' powerful batch processing engine to apply that look to an entire folder of images.

PhotoTools costs $159.95 while PhotoTools Professional Edition costs $259.95 and offers an additional 100 effects.

Both products are available for pre-order and will be available for download directly from onOne Software on 15 November.