Prosoft Engineering has introduced Data Backup 3, the latest version of itsback-up software, distributed in the UK by AM Micro.

This application will back-up, restore and synchronize data. The latest version carries a new user interface, supports burning back-up copies of data to CD or DVD (with automatic spanning across multiple discs), and a Fast Start feature that skips scanning and accelerates the back-up process.

With an eye on the digital lifestyle, the software also includes a number of back-up pre-sets for iTunes and iPhoto, for example.

The back-up process can also be automated: Data Backup 3 will automatically wake your Mac up from sleep to back-up – and switch it off again once back-up is done.

"We are excited that companies like Apple are raising the awareness of back-ups and are hopeful that it will encourage more people to establish a safe daily back-up regime," said company CEO, Greg Brewer.

Steve Hawkins of AM Micro added "Data Backup has long been favoured over Apple's Backup utility. The new version pushes the capabilities while preserving the ease of use that has made it so popular."